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Devoted disciple

The Church was not meant to entertain people!

It exists to:
      1) Glorify God

       2) To train disciples

       3) Reach the Lost

Reaching Others

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Making Disciples

. . . . is all about seeing people transformed by the power of God's Word. If you want to see that happen in others, you need to be experiencing such transformation yourself. 

Francis Chan

let's talk

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INtro Session

One Hour Introductory Session to Devoted Disciple

Welcome to Devoted Disciple - Set up for a one-hour introduction to see the amazing possiblities we here at Devoted Disciple can energize your walk with Jesus - 24/7!


Intensive Session

One Hour Session to Discuss
Being a Discipler w/follow-up sessions


Group Session - Meet up with like minded Disciple-Makers to discuss strategies and tools for the 21st Century Church.

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