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Walk-n-Talk Jesus 24/7

Disciple-Making Skills for the 21st Century Believer

Seek the Lost
John 14:6

Send to All the Earth
Acts 1:8

Secure Them in Their Faith - Ephesians 1:13


ABOUT Devoted

Devoted Disciple is about YOU! As Lead Facilitator it is my calling to walk beside YOU as YOU devote yourself to the standards, commands, and laws set forth in Holy Writ. As each of us walk with Jesus daily, we are to share Christ in a dark world. 

SEEK - As YOU daily walk with Jesus, Devoted Disciple is here to provide tools that build confidence in your sharing of the gospel.

SECURE - As YOU daily walk, your confidence grows so that you help others secure their faith and daily walk.

SEND - Whether globally or locally, we are all called to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. Here is where YOU decide whether just yourself, or if you can also help others to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations.

Set your journey

New Book by Cal Newberry - Devotional on Deuteronomy

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