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Set your Journey

Excerpt from Cal's new book, and soon available on Amazon.

"The book of Deuteronomy is the GPS system for the next generation of Israel that is about to enter the land promised to their patriarch Abraham. Moses spends a majority of the book outlining how obedience to God’s law and plan will bring them a “land flowing with milk and honey.” He has admonished the next generation that “You have stayed long enough at this mountain, turn and ‘Set Your Journey’, and GO . . . . “. It is now almost 3,500 years since He penned these words to tell the next generation it is time to move on and do what God has called you to do. The 21st Century church is also at a crossroads for we have a society around us like that of the Israelites. A society that does not follow God, nor His Laws, and for many do not follow His Son, Jesus. It is time for the church to ‘Set Your Journey’ and communicate to this generation that following Jesus, and the laws of God should be natural in every believer 24/7 walk. Here are a few of the lessons from Moses that I plan to apply and wish to pass onto each of you. At each stop along the way I will highlight seven to nine statements from Moses to help us in the 21st Century church to Getta-mov’n!

Lessons from Deuteronomy – Each day’s journey correlates to each chapter of Deuteronomy. Each day’s journey is both a “commentary” on the actual verses in the chapter with some correlation to 21st century living and daily 24/7 walk as a follower of Christ. As with any trek pace yourself and make sure the boots are laced up tight with good socks on. During the trek, your feet will receive the most wear and tear, so proper foot protection is an absolute must. Make sure you have a good supply of mole skin which helps when blisters show up and you still have a way to go to your next destination. Trekking, backpacking, day-hiking, or going on a walk-about means that your feet take a rather good pounding. According to “the body is a lot more resilient than you think. The human body can withstand 50 psi (pounds per square inch) and that is if it is a sudden impact. However, if it is sustained pressure, the body can withstand up to 400 psi if the weight is gradually increased”. Deuteronomy has thirty-four chapters which is more than enough for a long month devotional plus three extra days. Trekking through Holy Writ can cause sore feet, sometimes scratched up knees due to falling short of the mark. It is God’s position in Deuteronomy to prepare the children of Israel to possess the promised land according to his statutes, commands, and standards. Paul tells the believer in Christ that if we allow Holy Writ to teach, reprove, correct, and train in righteousness then the man or woman of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. As you trek here are a few suggestions that are neither about equipment, trail etiquette, or food. These are simple suggestions from Tim Hansel on how to keep danc’n despite the difficulty of the trail.

⦁ Be Patient!

⦁ Love the questions!

⦁ Live Everything!

⦁ Live the questions – Now!

⦁ There are no rules for leaping into the new,

because no one has ever been there before!

⦁ Hear the master’s Voice!

⦁ This is not the conclusion, but the beginning!

⦁ The Best is yet to come!

⦁ It is not what I say that counts, but what people hear and understand!

⦁ Discover the immense privilege of living!

⦁ Persevere and get to know our Lord in a personal way!

⦁ We get a second chance every day!

⦁ Living out the questions. . . . may be the most genuine and realistic.

response to our life of faith!

⦁ The life of faith implies living the questions!

⦁ Live out the questions as fully as possible!

⦁ Let yourself be surprised!

⦁ God keeps shaping us until He can see Himself in our lives!

⦁ Celebrate the Process!

⦁ Make a dance floor or go blaze a trail!

⦁ Celebrate Life!

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